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Polish Psalter – quarter year CD of Presto#32

Polish Psalter | J. Kochanowski, M. Gomółka | Barbara Rogala (soprano), P.G.R. composed of Roman Ott (alto saxophone), Grzegorz Rogala (trombone, arrangements), Anders Grop (double bass), Frank Parker (drums), Filip Zieliński (theorba) | Ars Sonora 2020

It’s a surprising project. The concept of making psalms from a few centuries ago in such a way that their content will end up in the heart of the listener in the 21st century is a cause for curiosity. And after getting acquainted with the album, it also arouses admiration and delight. Jazz arrangements by Grzegorz Rogala are light-hearted, so that each of the songs sounds fresh, not rewr drawn or flashy. Voice of Barbara Rogala sounds strong and decisive over a well-ripped band. Because she also sings about important things. Even the unbelief person will find comfort in the stanzas of happiness, peace, love. The board is entirely proof that if you want something very much, and it is a good and valuable thing, then there is resources and strength to achieve the goal.

Kinga A. Wojciechowska

Polish Psalter – quarter year CD of Presto#32

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